My name is Silv and I am a qualified and enthusiastic nutritionist who loves to help people get happy and healthy!

We all have a few if not many people in our lives who are unfortunate enough to have suffered from health problems, chronic pain or some other ailments which traditional approaches were unable to help.

The frustration and helplessness of the belief that we were just dealt a bad card genetically can be overwhelming and can cause us to resign ourselves into a life of constant discomfort, muting the joy out of life and leaving us unable to appreciate the full potential of what our bodies are capable of. Even basic abilities such as walking the dog, playing with your kids, dancing, sports or any movements which most of us take for granted, others would give anything to have back.

This was the motivation behind becoming a nutritionist. I wanted to be able to help all those people around me with ailments that stopped them from being able to fully appreciate the wonderful things that their bodies are capable of that they never thought possible again or that they believe is unobtainable.

Although I work with people with different aims and ailments, I love working with people whose aim is weight loss as I find that there is always so much more behind the scenes to delve into.

Excess weight is often a symptom and forms part of a much larger picture. For instance, weight gain may be resulting from a blood sugar dysregulation, hypothyroidism (where the thyroid is underactive), chronic stress, a parasitic infection or digestive issue. Or perhaps it is the result of the extreme fatigue which you are constantly feeling that is holding you back from activity coupled with the insatiable and uncontrollable cravings for a quick pick-me-up that needs to be addressed.

Even when all it takes is a few tweaks of your diet and lifestyle it is still extremely difficult to stay focused and not fall off the wagon before your aims have been met.

This is where I come in.

For many people who desire change more than anything but lack the drive and focus, it helps to have someone to be accountable to who will guide and motivate you to make the right decisions for your aim and be there to answer any questions you may have throughout your journey; and for those who have the motivation and drive but just need to know how to get there, I will supply you with the relevant tools and nutritional education for you to be able to make the right decisions for yourself.

In both cases, once our program is complete you should be well equipped with the tools necessary to make wise choices to fit your needs for the rest of your life.