Head on over to the “Consultations” section of the site and select your preferred consultation package. Secure payment is taken by PayPal).

Once you have purchased your consultation package you will need to book your appointment via the “Get in Touch” section of my site and fill in the contact form on there with your full name, e-mail address and message.

The message should contain your reason for booking, your date and time preferences and your order number so that I can match it to your payment.

I will then get back to you with my availability and try my best to work within your preferences.

You can also, by the way, do this the other way round. Go ahead and contact me for an appointment and then head on over to purchase what you’ve booked.

Do please note however that I can only confirm and guarantee your booking once payment has been received and I will release any unpaid-for bookings if payment has not been received within 48hrs prior to your appointment date.

Diet Diary and Agreement

Once your booking date has been set and payment has been received, I will send you a 7-day diet diary and an agreement for you to complete and return to me by 48 hrs prior to our meeting.

Initial Consultation

To ensure that we can make the most out of our time together please be sure to arrive 10 minutes early so that we are ready to get to work on you right away!

If you think you will be late, please let me know in a hurry so that I can try to make the necessary arrangements to fit you in within your allocated time slot. If you arrive too late, we may need to reschedule and charges may be incurred due to room hire restrictions.

During our initial meeting, we will go into detail about your medical history, current state of health and lifestyle factors which may be affecting your wellbeing.

We will discuss your aims, food preferences, limitations such as budget and lifestyle and what you hope to gain out of this consultation.

The more information I have the better I will be able to tailor your plan to your specific needs.


Once our session is complete, I should have all the information I need to design the perfect plan for you and I will get straight to work creating it!

I will ascertain whether you would prefer a gentler plan that will ease you into your new lifestyle gradually so that you do not become overwhelmed with changes or if you are ready to go in full speed ahead and dive straight into the deep end – the choice is yours!

When your plan is ready, I will e-mail it over to you and answer any questions you may have regarding it and include any handouts, recipes or fact sheets that I think may help you or you might enjoy along the way.

If you have opted for the consultation package (initial plus follow-up consultation) we will typically work together over a 4-6 week period.

If on the other hand you have gone for the 12-week program, I will be right there holding your hand (not literally) throughout and be on hand to support and answer any questions you may have along the way to ensure that you stay focused on your goals.


I recommend booking your follow-up appointment 4 -6 weeks after your initial appointment so we can discuss progress and finetune any changes to further support your progress. Your follow-up appointment could be done online if you prefer, just let me know.

Cancellation Policy

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel your booking, please let me know with plenty of notice (48 hrs minimum please) in order to avoid any charges.