Free 20-minute consultation

Before booking, I always recommend a free 20 minute phone consultation for us to briefly get to know each other and to discuss both your aims and how I can help you.

Book yours here.

Booking your consultation

The booking process consists of the following:

  • Purchase your package.
  • Schedule your appointment.

Before we have our initial consultation, you will need to keep a diet diary for seven days, which you can download here:

7 Day Diet Diary

Other formats are also welcome, as long as they contain all the necessary information.

The diet diary will give me an idea of where you are currently at with your diet, eating habits, and times, as well as routine and what you like to eat. It is therefore critical that your diet diary is accurate, that you do not make any changes to your diet during that week and that each and every piece of food and drink is recorded during that time so that I have an accurate picture. 

You will then need to choose the package that is right for you (see my packages here) and once you have selected and purchased your package, head on over to my booking section to schedule your booking.

Consultation – What to expect

I do all of my consultations online via video-call (Zoom, Skype, etc.), which means you can have your consultation from the comfort of your own home.

During our initial meeting, we will go into detail about your medical history, current state of health and lifestyle factors which may be affecting your wellbeing and hindering your progress.

We will also discuss your food diary, your aims, food preferences, any obstacles and what you hope to gain out of this consultation long-term.


Once our session is complete, I will create a tailored plan which will include food and lifestyle recommendations, supplement recommendations, helpful tips, relevant handouts and Dr. referrals or tests, if appropriate.

I will e-mail your plan over just as soon as it is ready, normally within 2 working days.