12-Week Program



x1 initial consultation (90 minutes) + x1 follow-up consultation (45 minutes) + telephone and e-mail support for up to 12 weeks.


This is where you begin your 12-week journey to a healthier and happier version of yourself!

During our initial meeting, I will welcome you into the consultation room where I will take a thorough case history which can typically take up to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the case. I will make note of your likes and dislikes, your unique personal situation and lifestyle in order to come up with the best strategy to circumvent any obstacles in your path to enable you to reach your goals.

Within 4-6 weeks I recommend a follow-up meeting in order to finetune your plan, check on progress and strategies to tackle any further obstacles which may have appeared along the way (this can be done online via skype if preferred).

During the first couple of weeks, I will be educating you on how to make the best possible choices to further your success. Towards the end of your program, you will be well versed in making these choices for yourself with minimal help and by the end, you will have gained the knowledge and ability to maintain your new lifestyle all by yourself!